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Grimes Social Media Promotions: Jaelle 
Location: Canada
Category: Entertainment

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From running track in the school yard to laying tracks down in the studio, Jory-Lynne Hooker a.k.a. Jaelle is here to change the rap game, and there’s no stopping her. Her campaign is based on hard work, determination and perseverance. THIS is her story…

Finding Her Voice

It is often said that creativity is born out of adversity, and Jaelle’s life has been riddled with her share of challenges. Having lived in 7 different cities across Southern Ontario, she has seen a lot, and experienced a lot. Like many of us, music was her salvation, from the loss of her mother when she was a teenager to the trials and tribulations of learning adulthood on her own. It wasn’t until 2004, when challenged by some colleagues at work to test the waters at “freestyling” that this young girl from Durham region realized that she had found her true calling. Much like a scene out of 8 Mile, this “white girl” may have declined her turn in the cypher on the first day, but after scribbling lyric after lyric and spitting rhyme after rhyme at home that night, she slaughtered the cipher the next day, and so her journey began.

Learning the Strategy

Taking her influence from the icons of this generation, Jaelle found her niche in the muted but rhythmic delivery of P.Diddy, Mase and Fabolous. With the odds stacked against her, she used (to her advantage) the concept that you don’t have to scream to be heard. Preferring to focus on the art of word play, writing captivating lyrics and tirelessly perfecting her craft, Jaelle is on a mission to become Canada’s #1 rated female MC. No man is an island (and neither is any woman), she owes much to CJ from The Press Play Lifestyle Group who helped to refine her craft and acted as a mentor while she found her voice.

There is no question; this lady is dedicated to the cause.

All Good Candidates Need Sponsors
This homegirl from the suburbs didn’t waste any time earning respect amongst producers in the genre.
With a lot of material in the pipeline, this young lady from Durham region is ready to rumble with the big dawgs.

The Inauguration
Set to release in 2011 is her debut single “Here I Am”, and with a title like that, it is guaranteed to resonate with hip-hop lovers everywhere. This song speaks directly to the individuals who live to hold others back, and who spend more time spreading their infectious negativity rather than supporting and uplifting their peers. Jaelle understands that hip-hop is about elevating a movement, not holding it down. Her positive and conscious lyrics will connect with listeners immediately, and her audibly smooth flow will keep you coming back for more. I admit, I’m no political expert, but based on the potential of this talented MC, I may very well break tradition, and cast my vote for “Jaelle” instead.

Written by Nicky Phillips a.k.a. Darling Nicky