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1.Please state your full name.

Mani “Cherry Nuvo” Shabazz


2. Where are you from?

I’m originally from the 757 in Chesapeake, VA but I rep for the 804, Richmond,VA! Like my people would say, “AINT NOTHING LIKE A RICHMOND GIRL!”


3. What is a typical day for you like?

Well, what most people dont know is that I’m a single mother first, so taking care of my son is my firstpriorty. Then, after that, I usually get my makeup prepped for photoshoots or posing practice. If I’m not doing a shoot then I’m usually working my regular career which I love to death! Then comes myTWERKOUT, since I’ve got to stay in shape for my dancing and videos. After that, I usually cook a big dinner for my son and I, do my nightly workout routine and put me and my son to bed so I can do it all over again the next day lol!


4. At what age did you begin modeling?

I started at 18 when I started dancing.


5.What’s your favorite place to travel? and Why?

I LOVE TO TRAVEL TO DOWNTOWN SAN DIEGO IN GASLAMP! It’s so much nightlife, the food is awesome, its right by Tejuana, and the opportunities out there are vast and noone even knows it!


6. What hobbies do you enjoy?

I’m a nerd at heart so reading, writing, watching the history channel or documentaries and spend ALOTof time with my child consume my free time! I also love to cook, workout and sleep lol!


7. What’s your ideal date? (details)

My ideal date would be for a gentleman to come pick me up at my home with my favorite flowers(tulips if you’re curious). Then I would love to go to an authentic Italian spot and enjoy dinner and wine. Next up I would love to go to a quiet spot for dessert and deeper conversation and end the date with a nice kiss and a text letting me know he wanted to see me again!


8. What was your most embarrassing moment?

Oh wow! I have a few! The most embarrassing moment I’ve ever had though would be when I was trying out some new dance moves for a guy was dating and while trying to do a handstand over him I fell backwards and kicked the hell out of his face and it caused me to have a swollen knee so I had to wear a knee brace when I went to dance at the club that night! I think I made more sympathy tips that night lol!


9. If you could meet anyone in the world,who would it be?

I would love to have met Princess Diana! She was so eloquent and beautiful inside and out!


10. What is your favorite TV show?

I have alot of favorite tv shows but I would say I really enjoy watching SNAPPED! lol


11.Describe yourself in 3 words.



12. Do you feel that models should not only possess great skills, but also have a positive attitude as well? (Explain)

As a model you definitely need a positive attitude as well! Your fans will not respond to someone who is annoying, arrogant or too good to be kind. I feel like no matter who you are you treat people as you want to be treated and if you go by that then your attitude will display as positive energy!


13. What inspires you most?

My child inspires me the most! On my worst days my kid can make me feel so special and show me so much love. Not only that but I strive to give my baby the world!


14. In the next 5 years,where do you see yourself?

Over the next 5 years I would hope to have become a serious published urban model in the game. I want at least 10 worldstar vids under my belt and enough traveling to be happy! After all that I would like to be settled down and possibly getting married…maybe LOL!

15. What’s the best thing about being a woman?

Well we already know who run the world…GIRLS! The best thing though about being a woman is being able to morph into whoever you want to be by hair, makeup, career etc. Men cant really do that without people talking smack about them!


16. Tell us something that we don’t know about you.

I’m not scared or afraid of anything in this world except…SPIDERS! Even the word creeps me out! I will break into a horrible panic and pass out around spiders!

17. How do you deal with conflict?

Most of the time I don’t have too many conflicts to deal with because I’m so loveable! Lol in the case that I do though, I try to find out the source of the conflict and get my ducks in a row so I don’t verbally attack someone that shouldn’t be. Most of the time a simple conversation solves the issue but if not then I’m not afraid to go in and put them paws on someone lol!

18. Can you tell us a little more about what you have going on now as far as modeling, magazine spreads, etc?

Right now I’m working on a couple of independent artists music videos, my own World Star video, a couple of magazine features and winter club promos! I’m also planning on going to Georgia and working on a twerk vid with a female that is pretty well known in the twerk game! All I can say is #teamdarkskin

19. How can fans keep in touch with you?

Make sure to follow me everywhere!

Twitter: @cherrynuvo



Instagram: cherrynuvo_dalovely