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Grimes Social Media Promotions will help you market in the moment with Instagram. We have over 5,000 Instagram followers. Provide your customers that personal feel as if they were walking through your place of business every day, by using promotional photos. Offer customers fun behind the scene peeks at what’s to come with this fun app and our broad influence in Social Media.

Help customers stay connected, giving your customers the capability to follow your company is the biggest way to increase loyalty. When using Instagram be sure to keep it real. You want to come off as a real person not just a “brand”. We will not use Instagram solely for advertisement. We want people to become aware of who you are behind the scenes. Instagram is a great place to show off your products in gorgeous environments.

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Are you making compelling content no one is viewing? Creating video content the world needs to see but you don’t know where to start? YouTube is an addictive social media site. We help you put your video in front of the right fans. We help you increase views and social shares.

Your video needs to show you have a fan base. With our help you can get real people to view, subscribe & comment on your videos. We help your video gain the potential viral status it needs to be seen all around the world. Get the demographic you need to increase your fan base & have your videos seen globally. We guarantee real people who are interested in your music. We help you post videos on a regular schedule.

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What Do We Do?

By using specific, modern marketing practices, our social media marketing informs, interacts, and influences other people to gain interest in your company, brand, or music. Our aim is to produce a general awareness for your company or brand.

We want to extend your reach. Social media leverages the power of word-of-mouth. Any buzz for your project originates from this point. By fully, and properly, informing people about who you are and what you do, we spark an interest. That interest can extend from one person to another, and when that happens, real buzz is generated.

Here’s the thing with social media: what we described above is a process. And that’s where we come in. Many individuals, organizations, and entertainers have social media pages and accounts. But very few know how to run them. Many of them don’t maintain their social media accounts. They don’t create a two-way conversation with their fans/followers. They don’t update their page with regular content. They don’t create a surge of interest in their brand. There’s a lot they “don’t” do. Buzz is not created by being bland and boring.

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