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Grimes Social Media Promotions: Rob Johnson – Dream


Location: Louisiana
Category: Entertainment

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Singer, songwriter, producer, and vocal arranger, Rob Johnson, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana native has performed at numerous rallies, colleges, and local venues in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas. He is most noted for his distinct style, an intense emotional sound with a smooth melodic flow. Coming from a family of musicians, this self-taught musician knew early on that he wanted to be involved in music for the rest of his life.  


Rob Johnson music is doing quiet well in sales and views here and overseas. His music video called “Dreams” the  the #1 single off the album is being viewed by tens of thousands of fans and music lovers.  After working and performing with various artists such as K. Michelle and taking constructive criticism, Rob Johnson is ready to take my music to another level. His goal is to be able to distribute his music and songs  all over the world, speaking to people through his music and giving them hope for their everyday situations. 
Rob Johnson music has a range of different sounds. He has R&B, Pop, Neo Soul, and smooth club tracks that everyone can enjoy. His songs have a creative and unique sound, as well as catchy and captivating lyrics, just enough to leave a lasting impression on listeners, and deliver something they can really vibe to. His voice is passionate, and it flows well with the ambiance of my style of writing. rob Johnson has a strong emotional sound that can easily evoke the emotions of the listener. He has been compared to Brian McKnight and Jagged Edge. He have also been told that my lyrical content builds up the spirits and it is feel good music.


Rob Johnson does a fantastic job at writing songs and performing, thanks to his outgoing personality, which allows him to feel very comfortable in front of any crowd. Also, he specialize in helping other artists to compose, arrange, record, and complete songs of their own. Rob Johnson is a great attribute to the industry simply because of his determination, talent, and creative mind. Rob Johnson excels in almost everything He put my mind to and have what it takes. Nevertheless he remains humble and open, always aiming to be better. 

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